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As "the publishing businesses and American universities are scrambling to occupy the MOOC meme, riding a bandwagon of value creating market development," writes Leigh Blackall, "I've ignored it until now." But now MOOCs are being talked about at his new job at LaTrobe University (congrats, btw) and he has to take a position. "So, what am I to do, when drawn into discussions at La Trobe referencing MOOC? Is it an opportunity to create space for the development of open and networked educational practices, or is the shallowness of interest and awareness ultimately a barrier to such an effort? Is the time right, in other words?" Yes, the time is right. And it might not hurt to leave a few copies of The Future of Learning in a Networked World lying around, as that forsaw the development of MOOCs as much as anything else.

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