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Donna Murdoch caught my attention with this post observing "This is probably the 3rd synchronous debate tool I've seen introduced in the past few days." She was pointing to this Edudemic article describing Deeyoon, where you can watch live video debates, or previous debates, and voice your opinion by voting. The problem with Deeyoon, though, is that it requires a Facebook login, which gives it access to all your Facebook data, which makes it a non-starter for me. Murdoch also mentioned GetSpin, which looked interesting, but wouldn't operate on my computer - it's an iPad only application. There's also an asynchronous debating app called Apprennet (who names these things?) which was designed for law students. And Kim Hayworth pointed to a proposal for Ed Roulette, obviously influenced by the infamous Chatroulette. I still think the field is wide open, though in the long run I suspect 'debate mode' will be just another feature we see in video conferencing applications.

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