Australia's University of Southern Queensland launches the first OERu prototype

Various authors, WikiEducator, Oct 03, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It has taken a while, but the first course from OERu is now accepting registrations. "AST1000 is a first-year level course in International Relations and the Social Sciences [and] will provide basic information about, and analysis of, contemporary regional relationships, current affairs and societies in Asia and the Pacific." The course is hosted on Moodle; if you want to read the course-guide you'll need to sign up for an account. Although the assessment model is credited to Jim Taylor, you'll see a lot of MOOC influence in the design (pictured above) which employs web-based resources, social networks and RSS aggregation; in fact, it's exactly the design we used in CCK08 (that's a good thing!). You can enrol now; the course starts November 23. The course appears to be free, but the website is coy about whether there will be a fee for assessment, and there's no indication whether there will be enrolment caps.

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