Dear @Google Chairman @EricSchmidt, You Are WRONG About Educators

Chris Lehman, Weblog, Sept 13, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I completely agree with Chris Lehman here. Nothing against Sal Khan, what he did was great, but he wasn't uniquely creative or gifted with some special insight. Lehman writes, "What is the main difference between daily innovations and Khan Academy software? Funding. Bill Gates and Google (e.g. you) stumbled upon Khan’s youtube videos, (first made in his closet, by himself) and thought to fund it. Now, with a team, offices, software designers, backed by tons of financial support, Sal Khan can run as far as dreams can take him." Give me the funding that Khan got, and I might do something interesting. Give the same funding to Chris Lehman, to any number of other teachers, to any of the interesting people I read every day, and they too will come up with something interesting.

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