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Scott Wilson points to what might be a starting trend, the movement to publishing web applications without a server backend. Once downloaded, these apps would run in your browser without needing any support from the internet at all. They would generally be authored using HTML, CSS and Javascript. There are many reasons why you would want to do this - users are sure of their privacy, they can modify their own apps, they can run on any platform. But as Johannes Ernst says, writing decentralized software is ten times harder than writing a server-based application. You need to actually ship software, people will run it on varied systems, people will run old versions, and it's harder to monetized - you can't run advertisements on it, you can't collect statistics from it. And yet - and yet - it's what we wantif we want a stable decentralized web infrastructure. Some examples of web apps are Butterfly, Monster Math, Oblique Strategies, and Write That Thesis.

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