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Nice sermon from Terry Anderson on what can be learned from Joseph Priestly:

  1. You can be a scientist, business person or farmer and still have an active, rationale and sustaining religious faith, though that faith may be quite different and often at odds with the way others find meaning and faith– very Unitarian
  2. Speaking your truth is challenging, risky and often unpopular, but I am sure that Priestly himself would not have changed his behaviours, despite all the challenges, betrayals and fears that marked his long and sometimes trying life.

For my own part, I have not felt the need to pursue any particular faith (I guess this is an anti-confessional of sorts) not because I am particularly irreligious (I'm not) but because experience and reason have not impelled me in that direction, and these more than anything are what guide my thinking. Having no faith, I think, is even more risky and unpopular than being of one or another faith. But I would not change, mostly because I have no good understanding of what I would change to, nor why.


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