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Various authors, Jul 29, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I ran across this while checking out an article I found via elearningpost, an article I decided not to run here because it seems to begin half way through (I now realize that elearningpost's link has been sabotaged). The service is called RSi Copyright and its a mechanism for obtaining instant copyright clearance. It's a service similar enough to what I've described that I took notice, but as I read through it I realized I had discovered the evil twin. The "Instant Web E-print" option - which would cost $200 for this item - is essentially paid permission to link, with the statement that "If you link to the article on the publication's site without this license, you risk broken links since publishers move their content frequently." As I said, sabotage. There are other options, including a $1.00 charge to make one photocopy. If you want to send one email containing the article, that will cost you $5.00. This company is very insistent on getting every dime from readers - I wonder whether they paid any money to Creative Commons for lifting their idea and commercializing it. Nah, I thought not.
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