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Clayton R. Wright has once again gifted the community with his massive listing of conferences. It can be downloaded here as an MS Word document. He writes, "The 27th version of the conference list provides over 1,000 events that may be of interest to educators. The rationale and format of the list is described (here). Readers are encouraged to cut and paste a selection of events for their colleagues. Through this process, they may discover professional development opportunities that may help them create a better educational environment for their learners. For example, the list comprises conferences such as "Using the Cloud for eLearning", "The World Open Educational Resources Congress", "Wikis and Open Collaboration", "Open Education", "Improving University Teaching", and "mLearning". Those seeking to improve the development and delivery of e-learning courses may find a few of the suggestions in this publication helpful. And, educators working in developing countries who seek to use open educational resources may want to refer (here)

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