Access Copyright and AUCC Strike a Deal: What It Means for Innovation in Education

Michael Geist, Weblog, Apr 23, 2012
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Michael Geist reports on the capitulation of Canadian universities to the demands of Access Copyright. "In the short term," he writes, "this looks like a terrible deal for AUCC." I don't know why they signed at all; probably they faced considerable pressure to come to some sort of deal. "What is lost with this settlement is the chance for something better," says Geist. "The new AUCC - Access Copyright deal is simply more of the same: AUCC and its institutions pass along copyright costs to students, Access Copyright gets millions in revenues despite ongoing questions about its repertoire (with thousands used to lobby against education copyright reforms and most of the money going to foreign collectives and publishers, not authors), and the potential for digitally-oriented changes within Canadian higher education heading back to the back burner." Other comments, he reports, come from CAUT, Ariel Katz, Sam Trosow, Michael Ridley, and Meera Nair. Image via John Degen.

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