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It's good to see awareness of the impact of bullying receiving wider attention. This is especially the case online as we are seeing more and more cases like this, where a Moncton student's anti-bullying video has gone viral. "But it's not just the physical abuse or the mental or the words that you say," 15-year-old student at Harrison Trimble High School Sydney Steeves said. It's the impact on the victim. "I went home and I just didn't do anything. The stress was killing me. Everything was killing me on the inside. It was very, very dangerous." This comes after yet another suicide, this one in Quebec, prompted by bullying, and along with legislation in Ontario designed to combat bullying. See also Brian Cormier. But let's remember: it's one thing to crack down on bullying, but we have to keep in mind that today's bullies are learning their behaviour from adults, and it's the examples we set, more than any punitive measures, that will make the greatest difference in the long run.

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