Microsoft Office Web Publishing Accessibility Wizard

Various authors, University of Illinois, Jun 13, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Following up from yesterday's newsletter (and from this week's deluge of PowerPoint files from my desk), Christopher sends me this link. The software provided at this site performs the task that hundreds of engineers at Microsoft seem incapable of performing, the conversion of MS Word and PowerPoint documents into platform-nbeutral and accessible formats. "This Power Point Point Accessibility Wizard simplifies the task of converting PowerPoint presentations to text pure HTML through an easy- to-use user interface, and automates much of the conversion of Power Point Presentations to an HTML format that includes required accessibility information." I haven't tested it yet, since it requires Windows (which makes sense) and here at my office I am on Linux. But I'll load it at the home office and see how it works. Worth noting as well: I downloaded, purchased and loaded the Corel Office Suite for Windows at home last night - completely online, no phone calls needed (Microsoft, are you reading this?) - and after playing with it a bit, can't wait to use Corel's Presenter as a PowerPoint alternative.
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