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UKOER has been around for a while now, and it's easy to forget things that sit in the background and haven't has a big launch party in the last 6 months. The work of UKOER is divided into three phases. The first cumulates with the Evaluation & Synthesis final report, the OER InfoKit, and the UKOER10 symposium. "What we learnt was that it was possible to do OER efficiently and (comparatively) cheaply in pretty much any setting." The second phase "supported a range of projects to draw together OER from various sources in managed collections aimed at identified user groups." Again there was a final report and we saw greater progress technically, "stuff like the OpenAttribute browser-plug in, CapRET, the (US) Learning Registry and some of the widget-led approaches to resource collection. Now we have phase 3 under way, with "the new Academy-led UKPSF... [and] a range of studies and pilots, looking at ways of using OER and spreading further the ideas and practices behind it."


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