Social Learning is NOT a new training trend

Jane Hart, The C4LPT Blog, Sept 26, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jane Hart writes, "I have tried to show how the fundamental changes in how businesses are operating, require a fundamental change in how the L&D function needs to view workplace learning." She then provides a table summarizing the differences. But following that, she adds "that some are advising (and others are believing) that it is enough for L&D departments to simply add “social” onto their traditional approach to learning," and lists a number of examples. This is a very common trend - people take words and elements from the new theory and simply tack them on to some existing practice. That way, they can be new and innovative, without challenging any existing practice. But as Hart says, "the missing piece is of course a new mindset. Until that is in place, it is just tinkering with the traditional ways of training and L&D, which are simply not 'fit for purpose' in this day and age."
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