Mobile learning: A tutor in your pocket

Jenny Mackness, Jenny Connected, Sept 21, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Jenny Mackness summarizes today's session in the #change11 MOOC. We had Zoraini Wati Abas with us to speak about Mobile learning (m-learning) at the Open University Malaysia. Here's the current week 2 web page with her presentation archive on the #change11 website. As Mackness summarizes, "22000+ students have benefited from mobile learning in Malaysia, which is used principally to reduce drop out rates from open and distance learning courses, even though these courses are blended."

As for us, we had set up a dedicated server to run our installation of Big Blue Button, and I had written a bunch of scripts to interface with the BBB API with a minimum of fuss. It all worked, but Big Blue Button staggered and then collapsed when the load reached 63 attendees. The sound, never good at the best of times, died completely. Barry Dahl was on hand to let us try FUZE, which worked for the 40 or so people who were able to make the jump. We've tried and rejected a bunch of things (I cancelled my WizIQ premium account today because it doesn't allow drop-ins without WizIQ accounts; Google Hangouts, meanwhile, have developed an audio problem). Maybe FUZE will be the ticket.
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