Social Learning doesn’t mean what you think it does!

Jane Hart, Learning in the Social Workplace, Sept 12, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a good article, I agree with it, and you should read it. "Social Business” is not about technology, or about 'corporate culture.' It is a socio-political historical shift that is bigger, broader and much more fascinating." But I'd rather take up my space here to talk about the stream of thought it prompted in me. It came as I read the (oft-repeated) line, "Change itself is changing — it is accelerating and becoming the norm."

And I thought, "wait a second. That's not quite true." Because change, when it becomes a constant, fades into the background and is perceived as static. The river outside changes every day, but we perceive it as static. Clouds are constantly changing, but we just think of them as "clouds". We get new leaders every few years, but we just think of it all as "government." I think we need to be attuned both to the sorts of change that fade into the background, constant changes, and the sorts of changes (which may well become fewer) that are one-time things, sea-changes. Like the change from 'corporate culture' to 'not corporate culture'.
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