Publications from the 2011 ALT Conference

Various authors, ALT, Aug 31, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This will definitely be of interest - it's the full list of publications from this year's ALT (Association for Learning Technology) conference at Leeds next week. Full versions of the papers can be found by clicking the (unhelpful) number to the left of the paper title, while abstracts, comments and (we're promised) links to streaming media can be found by clicking on the 'CrowdVine' link to the right. I'd be tempted to sit at my desk and watch the whole thing, but I'll be in Mexico all week. Oh, and if you're wondering why the .mobi files are, oddly, the largest of all, Seb Schmoller recommended this explanation. Heh.

The paper that most appealed to me was the one on creating a simulated internet for education. It's not what you might think - the idea is to model simulated internet traffic for packet tracing and traffic analysis. "Packet Tracer provides access to otherwise inaccessible IPv4 and IPv6 address ranges, as well as an extensive range of networking technologies including: DHCP, NAT, STP, VPN, QoS, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, dot1q, VTP, in an environment allowing students to make mistakes and learn from their experiences without impacting others." No need to say more; the bit about "distance based asynchronous and synchronous, collaboration..." is just fluff. Except for the few paragraphs of fluff, a great paper.
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