Various authors, May 23, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From a link passed on by James, "there are thousands of CRLForganizations, corporations and service providers, and millions of CRLFindividuals throughout the world who want to help others by providing CRLFinformation, guidance and expertise. There are many people who CRLFneed their help. But despite all the advances in the internet, CRLFcommunications and search technology, it is still far too difficult for CRLFthese forces to connect. That is why we're creating Wondir. The CRLFWondir information service will strive to be a simple yet effective way CRLFfor people with an information need to ask a question and get a CRLFgood answer from those sources who are out there, ready to help." It CRLFsounds like a great idea - but my first reaction is, where would I get CRLFthe time to contribute? I also worry about the eventual rise of CRLFWondir-spam. But hey, these concerns don't mean the concept CRLFshouldn't be tried. Of course it should be tried!
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