5 Conversations I Don't Want To Have Anymore

Miguel Guhlin, Around the Corner-MGuhlin.org, Jun 23, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It's worth running this sort of item every once in a while to remind ourselves where we are in the development path of educational technology. If someone like Miguel Guhlin no longer wants to argue about it, that's good reason to say that this aspect of technology ahs arrived, and we're moving on now. The items:
- Education reform as an implementation of a new curriculum or professional development approach (we just don't need these formal approaches any more)
- The merit of using Moodle, wikis, blogs in K-12 education (if people don't get the benefits of these by now, they won't ever)
- The value of empowering end users to use social media tools (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, RSS feeds) to connect with their community and stakeholders (same)
- School finance changes (we get it - do more with less. was interesting when first proposed 20 years ago, now is just a part of life)
- the idea of any one solution being the be all, end all for education (nobody actually does this, but there's always someone (see Wiley, below) to carp that "such-and-such isn't the one and only solution")
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