The Ivory Tower in the Real World

Various authors, NPR, May 22, 2003
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It bothers me that an educational system characterized by a continual CRLFdeclines in public funding is depicted as "real" - as though the CRLFalternative were somehow less than real. But that is the message in CRLFthis PBS series - I haven't listed to the audio (it's just not an option CRLFwith my connection here) but the text tells the story: "To maintain their CRLFelite statuses, schools like Michigan at Ann Arbor and Wisconsin at CRLFMadison -- the jewels in the crown of their respective state university CRLFsystems -- are trying to wean themselves off of state budgets to gain CRLFmore control over how they can do business."
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