Who Really Owns Your Photos in Social Media?

Kathy E. Gill, Mediashift, Jun 07, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

When you upload content to display on third party websites like Twitter, Facebook or Flickr, you necessarily give up some of your rights to that content. At the very least, the third party website has to have the right to display the content, otherwise, what's the point? But how much more do you give up? If it's Twitpic or Twitter, you grant them the right to license your work to third parties, including (say) newspapers with whom they may be affiliated. But other sites, such as Flickr, don't assume such extra rights, and even allow you to apply your own licensing to the work (such as Creative Commons licensing). This article is a good overview of the different licensing conditions offered by different photo sharing sites - they are not all created equal - and as a bonus links to a detailed comparison of the different terms and conditions.
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