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Various authors, Website, Jun 06, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The S1000D specification is a popular document type definition (DTD) for technical manuals. It was originally developed as a design specification for military aircraft, and has become much more widely used for technical documents generally. This announcement from Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) is of a bridge from S1000D to SCORM "to improve acquisition and life cycle management of technical training content through the use of S1000D and common source databases (CSDB)." Though there is no single web page devoted to this announcement (which is a bit off) there is a series of resources:
- a Bridge API white paper
- a cost-benefit report
- an S1000D-SCORM Bridge API (zipped)
- an S1000D toolkit on sourceforge
- a sample S1000D bike course (zipped)
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