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The author might be the first to agree that this survey of CRLFresearch in web-based learning is a bit misleading, since, as she CRLFnotes, there has been little effort made to distinguish between CRLFthe impact of the new technology and the impact of the learning CRLFdesign delivered, or employed, using that technology. No matter. CRLFWhat emerges in this comprehensive study isn't necessarily CRLFsurprising - individual differences matter when assessing CRLFweb-based learning, the web can be used to teach critical CRLFthinking, the web promotes interaction - but it is useful to see a CRLFbase of support for these common assumptions. Some surprising CRLFresults: first, the brains of children that gre up in the computer CRLFage may be wired differently than those of their older, more CRLFtext-driven, counterparts. And second, we may have an innate CRLFdisposition to view any media - including computers - as though CRLFit were alive, having feelings and capable of emotional CRLFresponses. Which, of course, would make the blue screen of CRLFdeath doubly troubling.

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