Cisco Quad & IBM Connections

Various authors, Cisco, Apr 08, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Last week in Spain I was looking for this link for my presentation. Now that my search functionality is working properly again, it makes sense to just add stuff like this to the newsletter. Cisco Quad (specifications) is a bit like a social network service for the enterprise. It combines elements of chat, Twitter and calendaring, along with notifications, people-finder, provisioning, and communities. NRC has an new agreement with Cisco (no details down here in the lower depths of the hierarchy, of course) so I may be exploring it further. But I can't imagine using it extensively if it faces only inward; we need to work with the entire world, not merely with people in our own organization.

Update: Ron Denham from IBM writes, "IBM Connections does everything Quad does and lots more. Many of our clients have internal sites, but we can also be deployed externally and hosted. One other product we have is called LotusLive. While it has many of the Connections features such as blogs, bookmarks, social file sharing, and activities, it is 100% web based and subscription based. The coolest thing about it, and something you may like, is the ability to invite an unlimited number of guests into LotusLive to collaborate with you."
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