Assessment and Recommendations On the Shortage of HQP Talent in Information and Communications Technology

Various authors, Labour Adjustment Committee, Mar 03, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Interesting document for those of us living in New Brunswick, Canada. It looks at the current state of the information technology industry in the province and makes recommendations regarding the training or attraction of a workforce sufficient to meet current and projected IT demands in the province. "While some businesses are opening up operations in the Province," write the authors, "others are choosing not too, because they don't think we have a deep enough ICT talent pool. And the prospects for improvement are bleak unless we act. " From the New Brunswick Information Technology Council. Via David W. Campbell, who writes, "in a future report the NBITC should draw a more direct line that aligns their vision for IT – thousands of new jobs, GDP, etc. and a stronger sense of how we would get there."
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