OER Glue

Various authors, Website, Mar 03, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm reading from Abel Cain, "Very cool new online tool from Google to find and build courses. Closely related to what we're trying to achieve with the UNESCO OER Platform. Just received beta tester access, will upload more news soon." The tool is OER Glue, and here's what it does:
- "Great OER content is out there. Gather that content, stitch it together, and engage learners w/o reinventing the wheel."
- "Seamlessly integrate content with dozens of popular websites, apps, and social media services."
- "Make ANY web content engaging, interactive and shareable using the same tools your learners use every day."
There's only one demo course available yet - it looks like it's all pre-beta - and the method seems to be to populate a hierarchal course structure with OER content. Still, they're trying.
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