RoboEarth: A World Wide Web for Robots

Markus Waibel, IEEE Spectrum, Feb 10, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm not sure what to make of the idea that there is a separate internet just for robots. Sure, it's probably good to get them off the main internet, if only to stop them from swamping us with data. On the other hand, it conjures images of mad runaway global robot networks, Skynet, and all the rest of it. But Roboearth is exactly that: a separate internet for robots. I already feel doomed. But not to worry (we're told): "Allow robots to encode, exchange, and reuse knowledge to help each other accomplish complex tasks. This goes beyond merely allowing robots to communicate via the Internet, outsourcing computation to the cloud, or linked data.... RoboEarth is about building a knowledge base, and while it may include intelligent web services or a robot app store, it will probably be about as self-aware as Wikipedia."
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