The Ultimate Guide To Online Privacy

Edudemic, Jan 28, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I have been using Google Chrome recently (because Firefox is quite flaky at the moment) and one extension that's always turned on is called Ghostery. Why? Because it blocks tracking cookies and the other tricks advertisers use to monitor my online activities. It's not that I'm paranoid; it's just that I find unwanted tracking applications to be, well, sleazy. Slimy. And I think that's the essence of why internet privacy is important to me. I don't trust these people, and I don't want to give them anything, because I know they'll misuse it. The same with Facebook, and yes, more and more, Google. (Which produces Chrome, I know, and I'm aware of the contradiction.) Anyhow, happy Data Privacy Day, and I hope the links in this post help you have a safe, private, and SEO-free day.
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