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Part of Jim Groom's #ds106 course involves the setting up and configuring of your own domain. It's not something I can really do, as I did all this ages ago. While this has produced some good results , the concern is that the result may be nothing more than a large number of abandoned domains. "If even 50% of those then decide to let that site's fees slip and the content go into the extinct URLs, not only will Jim's record of DS106 be compromised, but the longer term asynchronous learning will be impacted." True, but I don't think centralized services - not even open services OurMedia, a great site which I helped to build - are the solution in the long run. The time will come (not so long from now) when we run our own internet services off our home server (much the way we supply our own telephony end point, instead of relying on payphones).

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