RSS Is Dying Being Ignored, and You Should Be Very Worried

Asa Dotzler, Weblog, Jan 12, 2011
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Before getting too wrapped up in those wunderapplications now available on iPads and Blackberries, and before putting too much stock in Facebook and Twitter for your sourcing of online content, it may serve you well to heed the observations in this post. As the author notes, Firefox has basically killed the RSS subscription button, Chrome has no RSS reader, and the browsers are basically turning their backs on content syndication. And "if RSS dies, we lose the ability to read in private," argues Asa Dotzler. And I don't think it's a coincidence, either. As Kent Newsome writes in Why Big Media Wants to Kill RSS, "they can't make as much money if we read their content our way... as they can if they can force us to read it their way- at their site, complete with scads of browser-clogging tracking scripts and ads galore." Nor can they control the influence of competition from hundreds of smaller sites.
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