No Next Button - Some Examples

Jeffery Goldman, MinuteBio, Dec 13, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Having just gone through some awful mandatory occupational health and safety training - a page-turner masterpiece complete in the corporate common look and feel (arraugh) I am appreciative of the 'no next button' ethos. And while some of these - such as We Choose the Moon, which has been covered in these pages before - are quite good, others are less so. The blood-typing game, for example, was so badly written I still don't understand what it was trying to say. Deep Brain Simulations was just an animated talking person, which didn't work at all for me (I was viewing at home, with no sound because other people are watching TV). Zombies in Plain English is fun, but (a) just a video, and (b) not about anything real. It's not enough merely to get rid of the 'next button'. You also need to be engaging, clear, interactive, and factually-based.
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