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A group of internet pioneers has filed a statement with the FCC under their notice of proposed rulemaking entitled Further Inquiry into Two Under-developed Issues in the Open Internet Proceeding.

"If a service provides prioritized access to a particular application or endpoint/destination, it is not an open Internet service," writes Matthew Lasar. With the rise in specialized services and the increasing practice of traffic or bandwidth shaping (aka "throttling") questions about the future of the open internet are being raised. "Will managed or specialized services increase or reduce investment in broadband network deployment and upgrades?" the FCC asked out loud. "Will network providers provide sufficient capacity for robust broadband Internet access service on shared networks used for managed or specialized services?" The answer, of course, is that investment will flow toward the promise of greater returns, and this is less and less support for the open internet.

David Reed writes: "the Open Internet is not a closed 'service platform' or a 'walled garden', but an open interchange that crosses cultures, languages, and other traditional barriers. It would be sad if ATT, Verizon, Comcast, Google, or any other corporation were deemed to have the right to 'own' your participation in the Internet, or to decide which tiny subset of content, which tiny part of the world you are paying to communicate with."

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