Expletives Deleted: Swearing in Social Media

Jolie O'Dell, Weblog, Nov 11, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Via Edudemic, which also examines social media language stats. I like Jolie O'Dell's video, which consists of a question posted to her social media friends and a summary of the responses she received, together with her own conclusion (to tone down the language) about the issue. Myself, I keep the language pretty clean. I have a wide range of expression, so I don't feel limited if I don't swear. And I see no upside to making people uncomfortable with my language.

But also: live professionally.

It an attitude. It's like that line from Karate Kid (2010): "Kung Fu is in everything you do." It's true. The standards of behaviour in your office or your classroom should apply to your life as well. Because it's about being better in your life. Being off the job doesn't give you a free pass on behaviour. Similarly, the standards of behaviour from your home - what counts as moral, decent, and right - should also apply in the office. Being at work doesn't give you a free pass on ethics. Why? Because it's better. It makes you better.
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