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LeMill is a "web community for finding, authoring and sharing open educational resources." It is used by 14819 teachers from 63 countries and contains 23275 learning resources in 80 languages. Even so, people in the OER community call for some sort of new centralized OER repository or library, because they think something like that would be a good idea, but haven't really looked beyond the Hewlett-sponsored projects. They should. Version 3.0 of LeMill had just come out in beta and it looks very slick, very smooth. Teemu Leinonen writes, "I am... pretty convinced that the interaction and usability design of LeMill is better than in any other OER repository today. It is also worth to mention that LeMill is not only OER repository, but a wiki - a collection of content that anyone can edit. LeMill's user interface is clear, fast, minimalistic and beautiful."

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