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I haven't seen the name 'baby duck syndrome' before, but the phenomenon it describes is something I've seen on numerous occasions. It afflicts not just teachers but almost anyone working with technology. As each new technology is unveiled, it attracts a flock of adherents, who imprint on it (it seems). Not only do they become advocates for the new technology, chiding people who have not advanced from the previous technology, they become hold-outs when something even newer comes along, converting only eventually and painfully. The condition isn't irreversible; I've seen people imprint on a number of different technologies over the years (I am one such, having imprinted on MUDs, then RSS and blogging, and in a different sphere, Basic, and then C, and then Perl). These days I could run down the list of people in the Ed Tech community and lable them by technology: blogging, Moodle, Twitter, Second Life, etc.


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