Connectivism vs Constructivism?

Graham Attwell, Pontygysgu, Sept 23, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

More traditional educators and theorists have long wondered what the difference is beween constructivism and connectivism. Today we have two posts - and a cluster of discussion from PLENK2010 - addressing this issue. Graham Attwell takes on the issue from the perspective of a Sir John Daniel talk where he says "social connectivism trumps constructivism for third world child learning." I wonder whether that was a typo or mis-statement, because I haven't thought of Daniel as a proponent of connectivism at all. But hey, you never know.

The other post comes from Viplav Baxi, where he asks, "If Connectivism did not exist, would we still have moved to MOOCs and PLEs as they are visualized today (maybe under different names)? How would a Social Constructivist design an open course...?" I've learned to consider Baxi's questions carefully - look what he did for the CCK course. But I do think connectivism and constructivism are very different, and have different instantiations, and suggest (in the comments) reasons why from the perspective of that of sense-making and wayfinding.
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