Millions at Stake in Education Copyright Battle

Michael Geist, Weblog, Sept 17, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Michael Geist covers the campaign by Access Copyright to charge higher education students $45 per student for copyright clearance - up from $3.38. "The proposal has fuelled enormous concern within the education community," he writes, "both for its approach on core copyright issues and for the demands to increase fees at a time when many believe they should be going down rather than up." He points out that there is an "increasing shift away from the copyright collective licence for both ordinary copying and course-packs," and specifically:
- many students are still required to purchase both paper and electronic texts in their classes
- libraries have cut their acquisitions budget and begin migrating toward electronic databases
- open access publishing now represents about 20 percent of the world's peer-reviewed journals, and preprint services such as provides open access to hundreds of thousands of articles
- fair dealing ensures that there is no compensation required for "research, private study, news reporting, criticism, and review"

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