Don't tell teachers how to act on Facebook, says union

Unattributed, Sept 16, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I always consider it ironic when politicians or administrators draft codes of conduct for other people. And I have always felt that codes of conduct are not needed by those who would follow them anyways, and ignored by people who would not. But there is, it seems, an unending supply of people willing to tell other people how they should conduct themselves in areas about which the first group of people knows little or nothing. That is why I am a cynic, or worse, when it comes to codes of conduct.

Thus, I am in agreement with Nasuwt, which "is mightily fed up with an attempt to tell teachers how to behave themselves on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites." According to this Guardian report, "The Welsh General Teaching Council has got right up Nasuwt's nose by issuing a code full of platitudes, telling teachers to 'conduct their relationships with pupils professionally and appropriately both in school and out of school' and base their relationship with pupils on trust and respect." This despite the complete lack of evidence that the teachers in question have been doing anything but.
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