SCORM Harmonization

Various authors, ADL, Sept 08, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Website for the new SCORM harmonization effort, which held its kick-off meeting yesterday. I attended, thoroughly in listening mode (I'm on some relevant bodies, including the Standards Council of Canada (ISO) and IEEE-LTSC) and preferring to let the others map out things like governance structures and proposals for core models. Most interesting to me was the consideration by the representatives of what will happen when major players like Google and Yahoo start working in the learning standards space - there's going to be a lot of change in a hurry over the next few years and it will be a challenge for these groups to stay relevant. It's worth going to the Google group and reviewing the posts from September 7, which offer a sketchy overview of the meeting. (The image below is from the ADL Run Time Environment (RTE) documentation provided to the meeting.)
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