Various authors, EDUCAUSE Review, Aug 05, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The current EDUCAUSE Review is a blockbuster. I'll just publish the chapter headings:

The Open Future: Openness as Catalyst for an Educational Reformation, David Wiley. "As institutions and as individuals, we seem to have forgotten the core values of education: sharing, giving, and generosity."

The Open Student: Questioning the Future of the Open Student, Vicki Davis. "Open content is not yet changing students' lives because there are questions that should be answered first."

The Open Course: Through the Open Door: Open Courses as Research, Learning, and Engagement, Dave Cormier and George Siemens. "Online open courses can leverage communications technologies and open the door to learners to fully engage with the academic process."

The Open Faculty: To Share or Not to Share: Is That the Question?, Maria H. Andersen. "Open digital faculty do more than just share and participate in open resources; they transfer their approaches to the teaching space."

The Open Ed Tech: Never Mind the Edupunks; or, The Great Web 2.0 Swindle, Brian Lamb and Jim Groom. "Has the wave of the open web crested? What does "open educational technology" look like, and does it stand for anything?"

The Open World: Access to Knowledge as a Foundation for an Open World, Carolina Rossini. "The right to be a creator, the right to govern and develop one's own knowledge, and the right to share with others are fundamental freedoms for the Internet age."

Also, Openness: A Core Value for Making Higher Education Great, Diana G. Oblinger.
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