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Web 3.0: The Way Forward?

Jul 13, 2010

Good presentation and let me be the first to name the new web: Web eXtended (or just Web X). Can't wait for Tim O'Reilly to claim he owns the name now. The idea of Web X is that it combines web 2.0 (social web) and web 3.0 (semantic web) to create what I have called, in the past, the semantic social web. But it's more than just that, because it takes these and moves them off the web and into your hand. And more than just that, because it's the web of data, the geoweb, augmented media, the 3D web, and more. The eXtended web - the web, extended from the internet, into your life. (p.s. Steve, something called is killing your site on Firefox).


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