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Various authors, Website, Jun 14, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

So I was buying a new mobile phone this week, and in the end, I settled on a Palm Pre. Now you might think, what an odd choice! Well, first of all, the Pre was free with a one-year deal, while the old iPhones still cost $300 with a three year contract. I also got twice the data (1 gig, compared to 500 meg) per month, for $15 a month less. This with decent free minutes, voice mail that I don't have to pay for, and text messaging. The Pre phone runs on webkit, which means the touch interface is like a web browser, and provides me access with various online services (and since it's not Apple, I can sync with non-Apple things, like my Google calendar). There are slightly fewer apps, but it has a music player, and a camera, and plays video, and all the rest of it. The screen is close to the same size, but there's a flip-out keyboard as well. Oh, and I can remove (and replace) the battery. I'm sure there are quirks, but so far I'm tickled pink to be getting all that mobile phone goodness at a fraction of the price.
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