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I've had a look at the iPad and while it is very beautiful I won't be buying one. So this is one tech newsletter where you won't read a bunch of gushing reports about how much I am enjoying my new iPad. Cory Doctorow at BoingBoing won't be either, and he explains why. "The way you improve your iPad isn't to figure out how it works and making it better. The way you improve the iPad is to buy iApps." And even more critically, "Gadgets come and gadgets go. The iPad you buy today will be e-waste in a year or two (less, if you decide not to pay to have the battery changed for you). The real issue isn't the capabilities of the piece of plastic you unwrap today, but the technical and social infrastructure that accompanies it." Yes, there's a lot of pilot fish swimming around trying to pick up some Google juice in the leavings. But I'm much more interested in genuine advances - things like Notion Ink's Adam - than the latest eye-candy from Apple.


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