Becoming a Network Learner Redux – Cultivating Attention and Other Network Literacies

Scott Leslie, Weblog, May 13, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Good set of slides from Scott Leslie on his keynote for TLT in Saskatchewan. Leslie reviews the ideas of network learning and the personal learning environment. See also his Northern Vopice conference summary. All this is very good, but we need as a community to be clear about the underlying values here. As Leigh Blackall states, in his analysis of Illych and Verne's Imprisoned in the Global Classroom, it is difficult to live up to our own principles, and "action is not possible because over time the agencies to which the proposals are made, have developed defence mechanisms such as departments and procedures." And Doug Belshaw draws our attention to the ambiguity of these principles. People are beginning to co-ope and gain credit for these ideas - it becomes increasingly important to be clear and concise, to articulate these ideas and to implement them.
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