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Don't you get it yet? There is no 'where'. No 'place' to put your open online curriculum with your Creative Common licensed resources. Put it anywhere - on your own website, on your school website, anywhere - and then make it available for RSS harvesting.

You know what would be really useful? A set of curriculum tags, that can be used to map any open educational resource with any curriculum entry. It would be a piece of cake: give each curriculum its own tag, and each entry in the curriculum its own tag. Then one tag to map them all. Like this:


How hard could that be? Then it's easy for anyone in the world to link any resource to any curriculum entry. (Got a problem with curriculum spammers? Harvest and search only data from your friends, something you could do with, say, Google Reader.)

The big problems aren't technical. They're social. And they always seem to stem from one person, organization or entity wanting to own all the content (or resources, or money (or to at least tell everyoneelse where they should put that content, resource or money)).


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