How useful is strategic planning for e-learning?

Tony Bates, Weblog, Mar 29, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Here's an interesting thought: what if plan required to support e-learning should prove to be impossible? It's not what Tony Bates has in mind in this article, but as I read his preliminary conclusions, it seems to be he has sketched out a mset of requirements beyond the ability of most institutions to fill. Specifically, institutions need:
- a flexible institutional plan in which the strategic importance of technology is recognized
- the development of compelling visions and goals for the use of technology within institutions
- process to draw faculty and instructors into the visioning
- an institutional strategy must be fully supported by all members of the executive team
- technology planning should be an ongoing process
- an environment that supports and encourages the integration of technology.
Can any institution pull this off? Do you know of any?
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