Building national ICT/education agencies

Michael Trucano, EduTech, Mar 22, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I just found the World Bank EduTech blog, thanks to a Tony Bates repost from Clayton R. Wright. Now from my perspective, the World bank has not had a happy history, as it has often forced governments into cutting social services to the great detriment of their citizens. And we still see the phrase "public private partnership" in every second item from them, including the current post on how to set up a national ICT/education agency. But in fairness, the World Bank is slowly realizing that nations have a responsibility for the well being of their citizens, even if this does sometimes run counter to business interests. This blog, and the World Bank's ed tech initiative in general, is evidence of that. Anyhow, I'm glad they have this blog, and I'm subscribed now (if belatedly) and I'll be able to keep a better eye on what they do (and speak more knowledgeably when I criticize).
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