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Good overview and discussion of Portugal's Magellan project. "Portugal has initiated an unprecedented roll out of computers in a device called the Magellan. Magellan is a small computer based on Intel's Classmate – dual boot Linux/Windows XP – that costs each student about 50 Euro (~$65 USD)."

I agree with Siemens's basic focus in thew discussion that follows, but wonder who is this "we" of whom he speaks? For example, he says, "We adopt catch phrases from popular media pundits. What we need is substance – a vision and a means to discover the suitability of that vision." Who is this "we"? Not me, I don't think. I know there's a writing tactic, where you identify with the audience and find points in common. But I'm not going to say "we" when I mean "you" or some specific pundit, popular or otherwise, who needs criticizing.

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