Learning from Canada's schools

Joanne Jacobs, Weblog, Feb 25, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The Fraser Institute completely misrepresents Canada's school system while explaining why it outperforms the U.S. system. It presents Ontario as a 'school choice' system and suggests there is no Federal funding for education. Though education is a provincial responsibility in Canada, and though school boards have a great deal of local autonomy, the federal government is a major funder through a variety of programs. Also, it should be noted, contra Joanne Jacobs, that Canada's health care program is run in pretty much the same manner. Hospitals are a provincial responsibility, but mostly controlled locally, by hospital boards. Health care insurance is single-payer, managed by each province individually, and people exercise a choice of provider. Then there is the Canada health act, which guarantees the insurance system, and is backed large amounts of Federal funding for health care.
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