The Annual "301" Show - USTR Calls for Comment - 21 Reasons Why Canadian Copyright Law is Already Stronger Than USA's

Howard Knopf, Excess Copyright, Feb 18, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Once again it's 301 time in the US and once again Canada is erroneously branded as a "rogue" nation. Here are the facts:
" * Canada already has much stronger copyright laws in many ways than the USA;
* These stronger laws result in significant dollar outflows that greatly favour U.S. interests with little or insufficient benefit for Canadians;
* There is no verified and reliable evidence of piracy or counterfeiting problems in Canada
* The alleged deficiencies in Canada's laws regarding file sharing have not been proven in any Canadian court
* The entertainment industry in Canada is doing quite well, even as things stand."
Not that the facts will have any influence on the process.
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