Finland and education export: IKEA of schools?

Teemu Leinonen, FLOSSE Posse, Feb 18, 2010
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Could Finland export the Ikea of schools? They certainly have the branding and marketing set, as years of international studies have placed their system at the top. But what would they export? "Penttilä's idea is to start-up a network of Finnish International Schools around the world that would loosely follow the Finnish school curriculum (an alternative to the IB system)." OK. But, "People - most of them with children - considered the idea feasible. However, people were concern could they actually afford the school with teachers who are paid Finnish salaries." See, there's the rub. People who want a Finnish education would have to place the same priority on education that Finland does. But what potential importers of Finnish education are ready to do that?
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